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“I wanted 1 hour with oral without + kissing and a bit of sex at the end... Unfortunately Saskia did not kiss at all and the oral was very stop/start whilst she dried her tongue and my old man every minute (I had showered beforehand) she obviously did not like oral without. I could tell she didn't really want to be there and by 20mins was pretty frustrated.”

Cummin, Punternet


“Representation of the world, like the world itself, is the work of men; they describe it from their own point of view, which they confuse with absolute truth”

Simone de Beauvoir


Deliberately misunderstanding convention or creating new and unnecessary artifice, Saskia presents us with interstitial glitches where we see glimpses of the ideological underlay. With risible melodrama, akin to John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’, Takens-Milne upends familiar domestic cultural products - jigsaws, cross-stitch samplers, holiday snaps - exploring their role as conduits for dominant ideologies such as patriarchy and neo-liberalism.

Saskia Takens-Milne’s work is the grit in the vaseline.


"The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves."

bell hooks


Ultimately the pieces are tragic, doomed interventions. Steeped in bathos, they say a big ‘fuck you’ to ‘the system’ whilst simultaneously accepting their impotence. Counter-cultural resistance is especially fragile/precarious because of the ease with which it will be reabsorbed into the dominant cultural narrative, leaving no trace of its critical intention eg a woman screaming at a sexual violation titillates the very men it intends to shame.